Video Post Production Studio

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        Avid Media Composer 2.7 with Studio Toolkit integrating Avid MOJO SDI and Digi002

        Avid Xpress Pro

        AJA Xena HFe HDSDI Uncompressed HDTV Digital Video Capture System

        Avid Liquid Chrome

        Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

        Blue Ray Master Disc Production

        VP6 Streaming Web Video Transcoding

        IPOD casts production

        Distance Learning Production using Camtasia integrated with other NLEs

        Canopus Procoder 3

        Sorenson Squeeze 4.5.63Powerpack

        Editing Broadcast Commercials for KVIE channel 3 in HDTV

        Post production Video Audio Mixdown with Didgidesign HD2 with 24 channels of A/D and D/A at 24bit/192kHz

        MOJO SDI integration with Digidesign HD2